Richly endowed with the academic advantages of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, UCASS attains its strategic integration of research and teaching by encouraging the faculty and students to undertake and participate in various high-quality research in humanities and social sciences for mutually reinforcing results in education and research.These research projects are normally sponsored by the University and various government research grants, or commissioned by external third parties.


            Research Institutes and Centers

            UCASS runs a number of research institutes and centers through which faculty and researchers conduct research solo or in collaborations with academics from UCASS, CASS institutes or/and other institutions. The research focuses on a very diverse set of theoretical and practical topics in humanities and social sciences. 

                Institute of Advanced Studies in the 21st Century Marxism in Contemporary China

                Institute of Advanced Studies in Hermeneutics

                Institute of Advanced Studies in Public Policy and Economics

                Institute of Advanced Studies in Sino-Russia Relations

                Institute of Advanced Studies in the Belt and Road

                Institute of Advanced Studies in Ideological and Political Education

                Institute of Advanced Studies in “Rule of Law” Innovation in the New Era

                Institute of Advanced Studies in Spatial Strategy for Urban Agglomeration

                Innovative Development Center of University Political and Civic Education (approved and accredited by the Ministry of Education)

                Literature and Hermeneutics Research Center (approved and accredited by CASS)

                International Energy Security Research Center (approved and accredited by CASS)

                Science, Technology & Law Research Center

                Social Responsibility Research Center

                Research Center for Western Regions Studies

                Ethical Value and Well-being Education Research Center

                Chinese Traditional Culture Inheritance and Innovation Research Center

                Pacific History and Culture Research Center

                Brand Leadership Research Center

                Energy Law Research Center

                Law & Economics Research Center

                Criminal Defense Research Center

                Criminal Precedents & Interpretation Research Center

                Rule of Law on the Internet Research Center

                Competition Law Research Center

                Center for Juvenile Research

                Creative Communication Research Center

                Media & Youth Research Center

                New Media Research Center

                Political Communication Research Center

                Media Law Research Center

                Foreign Language and Literature Research Center

                Social Organization and Public Governance Research Center

                Leadership Research Center

                Public Policy Research Center

                Taxation Law and Governance Research Center

                Higher Education Research Center

                University Student Development Research Center

                Research Center for Teaching Innovation & Entrepreneurship


            Research Funding Support for Faculty, Researchers and Students

            At yearly basis, faculty, researchers and students apply for funding supports with their detailed research schemes at UCASS. The various funds with designated orientation and assessment criteria are intended to encourage and facilitate research activities of various features. Below is the list of the most important funds in operation.

                Major Academic Innovation Platform Support

                First-level Discipline Development Support

                International Forum Support

                Academic Innovation Support

                Think Tank Development Support

                Academic Conference Support

                Educational Management Research Support

                Support for Outstanding Research Result Promotion

                Important Research Project Support

                Support for Research Award

                Young Scholars Doing Research at Top Overseas Universities Support

                Program for the New Talents of Humanities and Social Sciencesat Undergraduate Level

                Innovative Research Funds for Postgraduates


            A selection of published books authored by UCASS faculty members

            A Selected List of External Research Fund Resources for Faculty-led Research

                ⊕ Chinese Central and Provincial Government Program and Chinese Ministerial Program

                ⊕ Key (Grant) Project of the National Social Science Fund of China

                ⊕ National Key R&D Program of China

                ⊕ General Project of the National Social Science Fund of China

                ⊕ Project of Ministry of Education of China

                ⊕ Beijing Social Science Foundation Project

                ⊕ Key Project of National Affairs of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

                ⊕ General Project of National Affairs of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

                ⊕ Project Commissioned by the Supreme People's Procuratorate of China


            Journal of Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

            The Journal of GSCASS launched its operations in 1979 by publishing academic articles authored by well-recognized scholars. The Journal draws expertise from the research institutes of CASS, coveringa wide range of social science disciplines such as Philosophy, Economics, Management, Politics, Logic, Law, Sociology, Literature, Linguistics, Journalism, History, Archaeology, and Ethnic Studies.


            All students and faculty members of UCASS have full access to the library system of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, including its specialized libraries and archives of affiliated institutes. As a branch of the extensive CASS Library System, UCASS Library is situated on Liangxiang campus with a total collection of 463,800 volumes, including over 357,000 books in Chinese, more than 48,400 books in foreign languages, more than 58,000 back issues of Chinese and foreign periodicals, more than 161 online databases, 57,000 full-text electronic journals in Chinese and foreign languages, and over 2 million copies of electronic publications.